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Veterans Helping Veterans

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Provided To: Radio, TV and Internet for Immediate release 5/23/2022

Dry-Tech Roofing with The Starfish Foundation - Veterans helping Veterans

Dry-Tech Roofing, a Local Santa Rosa Roofing company #1065992 is covering the cost of a roof replacement and new gutters for local Veteran, Robert. The roof and gutters were damaged and deteriorated beyond repair and his insurance was only covering half the cost. With a couple key employees on the Dry-Tech Team that are veterans, and the help of The Starfish Foundation, it was a group decision to step in and cover the cost of what needed to be done.

The homeowner is a Veteran that lost the use of his legs in combat. Dry-Tech Roofing, with the help of Starfish and our own Veterans are replacing the full roof and gutters for our local Veteran neighbor. Part of the sales from every Dry-Tech Roofing job goto Starfish to help support the community.

Call Erik Krefeld at 844-4DRYTECH or visit our website at to find out more about Dry-Tech Roofing.


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