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Michael Mills Band Releases New Album

The Michael Mills Band 'Dream a Dream'

The Michael Mills Band released its newest creative endeavor, Dream a Dream, on March 19th. Dream a Dream is a 5-track EP that features excellent production quality, strong grooves, and catchy song writing. Released by Sony/Orchard Distribution, the album offers a clean sound and tight tracks with an open high-end and full midrange.

The Michael Mills Band is a funky and soulful Blues band based in Huntington Beach, CA. Their diverse sound features elements of the Blues, Rock, Soul, R&B, and Country. The group’s performances and songwriting are inspired by influences such as Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, The Delgado Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks, SRV, and many other greats of American roots music. The Band’s roster includes notable West Coast musicians including Ron Ravicchio on Drums. Ron has toured extensively with many A-list acts and is the “glue of the band and keeps everyone on track.” Deeply entrenched in the Blues scene for many decades, Scot Campbell holds down the bass and keeps it groovin’ in any feel, backed up by the able Mark Weisz on the Hammond B3. Michael Mills leads the band and cowrites all the material with guitarist Jesse Godoy. “We have been blessed with being included in the rotations of hundreds of Blues/R&B stations nationally and globally. We are a guitar-based band that likes to ‘dig in’ on every song and keep it tight,” notes Mills. The album kicks off with “My New Woman,” a rockin’ roadhouse number with a danceable beat and deftly-syncopated guitar licks. “Baby I’m Your Man” cools it off with a slow rock feel and clean tones accompanied by a sensitive and intimate lyric: If you ever need someone to hold on to / baby I’m your man. An uplifting boogie,“Dream a Dream” shows the band’s contemporary influences and skill in retrospective songwriting. The vocal quality of the wah-wah fill licks supports the lyrical lines and swinging feel of the track. “Tryin’ to Forget You Baby” brings it down to a slow Blues with driven and resonant tones in the minor mode. The lyric deals with lost love and the desire to move on… If you ever hear me baby / please just turn the other way. The EP closes with “Fade Away,” a soul ballad featuring horns and pushed BB-style licks. “We like to create music that we would like to hear ourselves. We first need to be excited about the tune and then hopefully the audience hears and feels that passion coming through the song,” relates Mills. The band has a video featuring their latest song “Baby I'm your Man” that is receiving national recognition. The group has been featured on stations around Los Angeles including KLOS and 88.1 Long Beach. They have opened for many top acts including Johnny Winter, Leon Russell, Jimmy Vaughan, Tommy Castro, CocoMontoya and Dave Alvin.

They have an upcoming release in the works scheduled for July.

For more info visit: Facebook:

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