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'Hard Driving! Arena Ready Rock with Louisiana Heat'

Tyron Benoit Band

Indienink Music Announces that Tyron Benoit will be joining the Indienink Music Family.

We are so happy to have this uniquely talented artist in our Indienink Music Family. - Marlene Palumbo

New Music coming soon!!

'Hard Driving, Arena Ready Rock with Louisiana Heat!! Tyron Benoit is soul driven rock, spiked with a gallon of Louisiana Heat! The true soul of music is borne out of hardship... the toil of labor and survival, the pleasure and release of hard drinking and living, and the hardship of the human condition under the eyes of Heaven, alternating between the wrath of judgment and the need for hope and grace. This duality of the human condition is found among so very many of America’s greatest musicians, and it is no different with Tyron Benoit. From bawdy, hard-driving music, frequently punctuated by the distinct Louisiana stamp of dance-floor packing accordion... to tender songs about loss and life with the purr of an acoustic guitar, this is an artist that decidedly


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