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New Music Alert!! Prana Songbird feat. Richie Sambora

For Immediate Release March 2, 2021 /Indienink Music

“listen like it’s GOSPEL”

Written by Thomas Marolda,

Recorded by Prana Songbird Featuring Richie Sambora

March 12, 2021 International Release with IndienInk Music under Sony Orchard. Written by Multi Grammy Award nominated artist Thomas Marolda, Performed by Multi award winning vocalist Prana Songbird and Featuring Music Hall of Fame inductee Richie Sambora. Prana’s Vocals were recorded at The Dream Studios Complex in Alva Florida with Engineer Chad Zuchegno and mixed and mastered by Thomas Marolda. This song “listen like it’s GOSPEL”, while written by Thomas Marolda really is an anthem song for Prana. The song features Richie Sambora on guitar, and her hope is that through the richness built into the song, her voice and the story that unfolds through this song, each person is changed as it unfolds.

Prana is a French Creole with ties to the Choctaw Indian Tribe, born in Detroit into a musical family of sorts. Her grandfather wrote songs during Motown’s high point and her cousins played with Stevie Wonder. 2 generations later Prana would circle back to those roots as she had the opportunity to meet and work with The Original “Vandella’s”.. When people hear that Gospel sound in her voice they always ask if she sang in church. Truth be told she never did. Her voice wasn’t like the rest of the women there. While she most recently worked with The Honey Creepers Band and The internationally acclaimed Spirit Of The Gulf Chorus, she has struggled to create her own sound for years. With no structured, formal musical background she was afraid of her voice and didn’t find her gift until she was an adult.

Fast forward from then till now and meet the woman whose sound was “born in Motown with the Soul of the Bayou”. She is a multi award winning talent who has performed and completed on International stages and worked with Grammy Award winning musicians and the title song from the film that is currently in production “Love, Song and Power” that features her character “Violet”. The lady can sing a story, and this release on March 12, 2021 with IndienInk Music and Sony Orchard, is a first step out with the new music she will be putting out.

For More information:

Prana Songbird

Indienink Music/ Marlene Palumbo

Prana Songbird Press Release
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