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George Phoenix Bonds  Contemporary R&B Artist

Latest News

Charlie Pace Pink Boa Man Cover.jpeg
PInk Boa Man by Charlie Pace New Release March 2023

Charlie Pace, New Release, PInk Boa Man is the latest release from this young talent out of Florida. She surprises us with each song with her unique writing. Charlie has a way of bringing us into her world through her music. Highly Recommended! 

Don't Move So Fast by King Bee & The Stingers
King Bee & The Stingers 'Don't Move So Fast' New Release Feb 2023

King Bee & The Stingers  new release 'Don't Move So Fast is now available on Spotify.
King Bee & The Stingers made it to the IBC's Semi-Finals in Memphis. They are a blues, rock and roots band. You will love the lovely Sarah Menefee's vocals on this stellar release. 
Released on Sony/Orchard. 

Been A Long Time Coming  by Misty Blues feat. Eric Gales
Been A Long Time Coming by 
Misty Blues feat. Eric Gales

“Been A Long Time Coming” is a deeply-soulful, mid-speed gem that’s blessed with Gina Coleman’s smoldering vocal tones and some absolutely transcendent guitar work from the one-and-only Eric Gales. The two are a monstrous combination and will pull intense emotions out of you in a single listen. Gales is arguably the best guitarist in the world right now and hearing him touch the eternal in such esteemed company as Coleman and Misty Blues is a true peak experience. This is contemporary blues at its zenith. Don’t miss it." Martine Eherenclou, Rock & Blues Muse

Billy the Kid & The Regulators / Indienink Music 
Indienink Music is happy to announce Billy the Kid & The Regulators are joining our music family. 
Billy the Kid and The Regulators are a high powered, guitar driven, rhythm and blues band based in Pittsburgh. Lead singer Billy Evanochko is widely-known across the Steel City for his impassioned lyrics, seductive vocals, and stinging guitar riffs. Together with his band, The Regulators they deliver a well-balanced dose of funky rhythm and blues, with heart and soul being the main ingredient, playing countless clubs and festivals throughout the country. The band attracts fans with their fresh mix and interpretation of the iconic R&B experience.
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The River by Prana Songbird Feat. Randy Stephens 
Produced by Thomas 
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